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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio was to be the part of ‘Baywatch’

Los Angeles: Baywatch producer Michael Burke and Douglas has revealed that in the 90s hit show ‘Baywatch’ actor Leonardo DiCaprio was to play the role of, David’s son. The Oscar-winning actor was 15 at the time, just when he auditioned for the role of Mitch Bchannon’s son Hobby.

Burke told the Hollywood Reporter: “We were ready for DiCaprio but, David thought it was too big to play the role of his son. ‘Dedin Hsselh’ wanted a younger actor for that role.

Swatrg said: “David felt that the actor would be seen older than he actually was. Brandon Call played the role in the season 1 and later the role was taken place by Jeremy Jackson.

The show is now being prepared to bring to the big screen in which many Hollywood stars, as well as some Bollywood star, would also be involved including actress Priyanka Chopra.

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