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Amitabh: Presley and Jacksons’ popularity grew after death

Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says that the popularity of global celebrities Aelvis Presley and Michael Jackson has increased after death.

73-year-old actor, who spoke on the problem of drug addiction. Both allegedly died due to the drug overdose.

“Piku” actor wrote in his blog, “If Aelvis and Michael would know the importance of what they are leaving behind then would they importance of life. Fro them the significance of death was more than a whole lifetime. “

He said that drug addiction hollow the  human mind from the inside. Despite this, a person should not take drugs so that he can think of good and bad in the worst circumstances.

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  1. Elvis has been dead for 38 years and is now more por than ever. Michael Jackson has only been dead for 7 years so his pority over decades is yet to be proved.

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  2. actually you don’t see the indian’s actor and actress of bollywood have been in the hollywood movies trend are going crazy with the tollywood now a days is coming up with a superb movies you can see the piku movie of the amitabh bacchan wer this writer has said is appreciate and also a good thought about it.

  3. Its not right at all i think Aelvis Presley and Michael Jackson have fans in their mid of career but its shortly increased after their death.

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