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Angelina Jolie does find some time for refugees

LONDON: The world’s gorgeous woman, who got the title of one of most influential figures in American cinema, and who finds some time for the  refugees despite all her’s busy schedule.

 Fifteen years ago at the age of just 25 years, she became the ambassador goodwill for UN. Today, she has been performing the duties for UNs  for  refugees. In this connection, she not only participated in high-level meetings and discussions but also been away from the eyes of the media to complete many activities.

Angelina said in an interview with Female First, whether the news is about their colleagues, or to discuss the matter that we are working on the issues that need to do or say about them or field visits or in the preparation of speeches about the case may be, a part of almost every day of my life is devoted to international issues. “

She said, “I often meet people who present interesting and contrary views, so that I might learn.” Angelina and Brad Pitt has six children and her husband proud of his children work because they express interest for refugees.

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