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Deepika Padukone went into depression…

New Delhi: Actress Deepika Padukone has said the Games had changed her life and taught her to fight the depression that lasted two years. Through Facebook Badminton player Deepika encourages to youth to play at least one Game. “Bajirao Mastani” star actress told how the game teaches to stay ahead from others and help them to cope with difficult situations.

“The game itself has taught me how to deal with failure. It also taught me how to take that success. Furthermore, It kept me to the ground. It taught me humility”. Deepika said in his ever-present player gives them the strength to fight.

She said, “Two years ago I was suffering from depression. I was drowning. I had almost given up. But the player in me gave me the power to fight and never give up. Appealing to youth, she wrote, ‘Every girl and every boy and every woman and every man must play something’. Because it changed my life and it will change your life too.

Citing a reason for the games to stay alive, she wrote, “Games have taught me how (problems) is can be solve. It taught me how to fight. I never made it unstoppable. When I was growing up, my father told me, ‘to be the best the 3D formula works: discipline, dedication, and determination. Listen to your heart. Do the same, which is your  passion. “

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