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Kareena Kapoor: I can also do, what Priyanka has done

Mumbai: Actress Kareena Kapoor, could not make a career in Hollywood like Priyanka Chopra because she believes that as an actress, everyone has their different life priorities and one could not follow others.

Kareena who appeared on the cover a Fashion and lifestyle-related magazine called ‘Vogue’ and had interview that she do not want to win over the world. She said that my priorities are different. I think what I have done is amazing. But I do not think I can do something like that. I want to be a working married woman. My responsibilities are different than her. With my husband, I want to raise my family.

She said I could not have left everything, and go to Los Angeles. I am not that kind of person. Nowadays, the actresses are doing such kind of work, then you must have the same ardor and dedication to execute it beautifully. Maybe I’m too lazy. I do not want to conquer the world, but I have my own small space. It is so very simple. These two actresses appeared together in the ‘Key and Ka”star (35) , former Miss World Priyanka (33) and in the romantic-thriller movie ‘ Aitraaz’ in 2004.

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