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Who offered for the role of ‘Sultan’ before Salman Khan?

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s’ Sultan were causing mayhem at the box office and is breaking revenue records. Sultan Ali Salman in the film plays the role of a wrestler. According to media reports, the role was offered to one another actor before it was offered to Salman, but he had refused to play the role.

According to media reports, the film for Salman Abbas Zafar Sultan is not the first choice. Arjun Kapoor’s was the actor who was offered for the film before Salman was offered. Film director Ali Abbas Zafar had been working on the script of Sultan while the film “Gundey” were to be made. The director was quite impressed by the performance of Ali Arjun Kapoor’s during the shooting and immediately offered the role of Sultan, but Arjun rejected the film. Arjuna heard the story of the film, and he realized that the film was not interesting. He saw no merit in the role of a wrestler and he refused to do the film.

Ali then offered the role to Salman Khan. Salman immensely liked the script and role of Sultan and he immediately decided to film. After the box-office success of the movie sultan’s playing trumpets, his story is well known.

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