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Rajnikanth’s Kabali shots leaked, TWITTER users share images

Chennai. Rajnikanth’s movie ‘Kabali‘ are continuing reports of leaks. On Wednesday, the first shots of the film were leaked online. However, it is not confirmed yet. But many users share the movie leaked Kinn’s image on social media. Earlier, on July 19 came news of the leak of the film. Please tell the film is slated for release on July 22. 

Who leaked screen shots of shared.

– Movie of the users after the initial shots leaked a few images on social media shares held.

– TamilRockers.com on his Facebook and Twitter account posted screen shots of leaks.

– After this, some users posted the movie casts the first shots.

– Please tell the ‘Kabali‘ craze has increased significantly in South India. Especially heavy demand for tickets.

– Some companies in Chennai and Bangalore, the release date has been announced that the July 22 holiday.

– Imploi mass leave or sick leave were to visit. As a result, companies are very likely to leave already.

The High Court had imposed a ban on the website

– Fear of piracy of film filmmakers had moved the High Court.

– After this court more than 140 websites and movie websites that Provide Service had banned.

– Nevertheless, on July 19 came news of the leak of the dark movie on the web.

Most of the sold-out show tickets in advance booking

– In the movie plays a gangster’s onwards. PA Ranjit Radhika Apte in the film are the director.

– 65-year advance bookings as soon as the majority of Rajnikanth’s film shows all the tickets were sold.

– According to the International Business Times, a ticket in some theaters 500- is trading at Rs 600.

– Urvashi digital 4K cinema tickets online selling in Bangalore.

– America’s 500 theaters in Tamil and Telugu version of the film are being released. The last three weeks have been booked.

– Movie producer Thanu Klaipuli “The Kabali ‘500 screens in the US will only.

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