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Salman Khan: Social media is a great place but people abuses it

Social media is a wonderful way for the Bollywood stars to be in connect with their fans, but it has some negative aspects too. The superstar Salman Khan says that social media users share their own views on the Internet, thinking that nobody will know, who has written.

Salman saw the evil side of social media, when some of his fans, posted lewd comments on the social media wall of his friend Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan.Some time ago by his picture on Facebook, says Bollywood movie casting. He had threatened to quit Twitter.

Salman said that people on the internet are misusing freedom of expression. Freedom of speech means that you are responsible for what you are writing on the internet. Salman says that things can only make right when you take action against the faulty people. Wise Salim Khan’s, son Salman says that cyber cell can bring these people on track. They know who has written what.

Last updated by Sahil Nokhwal on 2017-08-13 17:03:39

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