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Salman Khan’s ‘Rape’ statement, insensitive and unfortunate: Aamir Khan

New Delhi: On the promotion of his latest film ‘Dangal’ the actor Aamir Khan said, Salman Khan’s ‘Rape victim’ statement was insensitive and unfortunate.

Aamir said, “At the time when the actor(Salman) made the statement, I was not there”. I have just read the media reports which state that Salman has compared himself with the rape victim. According to me,  this is so insensitive and unfortunate statements. When asked ‘Aamir Khan’ whether he would like to give some advice? Then he said, “Who am I going to suggest? “

In an interview, for the upcoming film ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan said during the shooting when he was stepping out of the ring, he would feel like a raped woman because he does not  walk properly. Salman said, “During those 6 hours of shooting, I had to bear the heavy weight person”. It was very difficult for me because if I had to pick one a person who weighs 120 kg then I had to uplift him in 10 different ways. And sometimes he dropped me several times”.

Salman said, “Such work does not repeat very often during the real battle in the ring. When I come out of the ring after the shooting, and I felt like a rape victim. I could not stand straight. I had some food and then goes straight to training. Training could not stop.”

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