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Shah Rukh: I would not succeed without women

 Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says that his life, his life has been shaped by women like his grandmother, wife, daughter, and those of the film industry women with whom he has worked.

50-year-old Shah Rukh told reporters here, “my life has been shaped by women, beginning from my grandmother to my daughter now. Meanwhile, my wife, aunt of the colony, sister and women in the film industry with whom I have worked have influenced my life. “He added,” I am also here today, they helped him to achieve 100 percent. I would not succeed without women. My life is grateful to them. He was speaking about the book which was written by Gunjan Jain. In the book, there is a discussion of 24 women from the various areas of life in which Nita Ambani, Swati Piramal, and Chanda Kochhar are included.

‘Fan’ actor showed a desired to write a book about the women who influenced his life. The sensitivity and goodness in me, which is affecting my life is because of women. Maybe one day I’ll write a book about them. “

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