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When the ‘taxi driver’ Alia Bhatt met Ranveer Singh as ‘Babu Moshai’…

New Delhi: Nowadays in Bollywood the favorite stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s’ fans are very eager to see them with a film, and that is why last week a picture of two actors went viral on social media. They were having a similar pose as in ‘Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’. 

Indeed, the famous actress Alia Bhatt from the picture ‘Humpty Sharma ki dulhania” and “Highway-Girl’; the famous actor ‘Ranveer Singh’ from and ‘Peshwa Baji ‘, have appeared in an online travel portal in two commercials. Alia Bhatt taxi cab driver became the first advertising supported on taking sipping tea, and then Babu Moshai ‘that look like Ranveer Singh arrive, and are looking for … hotel’ on ‘taxi driver Ali directly Ranbir tries to cheat plain-looking, while

In the first ad, Alia Bhatt acts as a taxi cab driver and showed as sipping tea, and then Ranveer Singh who looks like ‘Babu Moshai ‘ arrive, and he was looking for a hotel’. Ranbir  looks innocent in this ad and the ‘taxi driver’ Ali  tries to cheat him. Even though, he has not yet sited in the cab… so, now if you want to know the actor cheated or not, then you can see the ad…..

And in the second ad, both actors have completely changed the roles. They performed completely reversed role. Alia can be seen in the sari and performed a role of a hotel receptionist with Shruti, who also stammers. Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh as ‘Ricky’ is playing the role of a ‘puff’. Ranbir has just worn the white trousers with a leopard-print sleeveless jacket. And he has also worn a waist belt on which the name ‘Ricky’ keeps flash, and he asks the receptionist will he get ‘Ricky discount’?

Roughly in the advertising Alia tries to win over Ranbir by doing acting oversmart, but it would be good if you see could she win over Ranbir or not……….

Last updated by Sahil Nokhwal on 2017-06-21 10:42:46

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